With boxing quickly growing in popularity as the sport of preference for many individuals, it’s going to be beneficial to many people to be trained on which techniques will offer the greatest results in the ring. Since boxing is such a dynamic and physically demanding activity, it requires you to be in outstanding physical conditioning. Each individual will need to have the strength to undergo heavy punches, the stamina to throw a flurry of punches ranging from jabs to uppercuts and everything in between and the stamina to go the distance in any given fight. Whilst there are many workouts that are designed to aid you in becoming skilled at the sport of boxing, some of them are much more effective than others.


You Need To Be In EXCELLENT Physical Shape

Almost all aspiring boxers understand that it is absolutely essential to get into the best physical shape you possibly can if you want to build a career in this sport. It’s absolutely required to have an intense and persistent training regimen. Your training program should include, but not be limited to workouts such as weight lifting, jogging, jumping the rope and punching bag workouts. Despite that fact that all of these are important aspects of training, it’s the punching bags workout that really sets boxers apart.

Punching bag workouts are crucial to the success of every aspiring boxer. Why? Because they aid in improving strength and endurance, which are the two most important variables of an experienced boxer. I can’t stress enough how important it is with this workout to learn proper boxing footwork. Having incredible footwork is a skill that will noticeably improve upon your boxing success simply because it aids in the capability of defending yourself against your opponents punches and increases your game on the offensive side too. As a boxer improves on the speed and agility of their footwork, they’re able to react better defensively against their opponents. When utilizing massive amounts of footwork training, it becomes almost second nature to each individual boxer. While your footwork improves, as does the agility and ability of each individual boxer.

Start Slow, Build Yourself Up

It’s recommended that every boxer begins slowly with numerous punching bag drills that will allow one to add good footwork into their boxing routines. For example, if you are a novice, you may want to try moving back a step or two while throwing a punch and then try moving forward as you throw another punch.

Simply repeat this footwork routine until it becomes second nature to you in your punching bag workout and sparring routines. It’s advised to try alternating the speed of this movement to build-up a routine that’s fit for you while you are trying to incorporate your hand and foot movements.

Keep in mind that good boxing technique requires much more than just shifting your body weight and throwing an array punches, it’s absolutely crucial that you utilize correct foot movements as well.

The Punching Bag

A punching bag is a cylindrical object that is filled with numerous different types of materials and is designed to be punched repeatedly by a boxer or aspiring boxer.


Punching Bag Filling

The filling of the punching bag will depend heavily on the type of use you want from the bag. Bags can be filled with sand, grains, rags and an array of other types of objects. Nowadays, there are also punching bags that can be filled with air and water, but for the more serious boxer, they like to stick with the other bags. Leather is definitely the preferred outer material for boxers. It’s going to last much longer than any type of material you can get. Punching bags are built to an extremely high standard due to the nature of their use. These bags have to withstand a huge amount of punches on a regular basis.

Different Types of Punching Bags

  • Standing Bag – Standing punching bags are used when you don’t have a place to hang your punching bag. They take up little space and are a great addition to any boxing gym.
  • Hanging Heavy Bag – This is the most popular style of punching bag. It allows for the boxer to keep light on their feet while moving around the bag. Unlike standing bags, hanging bags sway a little which feels much more like an actual boxing match.
  • Speed Bags – Speed bags are small, air-filled bags that around hung from a platform designed just for them. These bags allow you to really work on your hand speed and punching technique. Speed bags were designed to help a boxer keep their hands up at all times during the fight. Keeping your hands up is going to protect your face throughout the fight.
  • Double-End Bags – Double end bags are very similar to hanging bags, but the difference is that they also have a cord coming from the bottom of them that allows them to be attached to the ground. This prevents the bag from swaying too much and allows you to perfect your form.
  • BOB Bags – Also known as Body Opponent Bags, these bags are a replica of a male torso. These punching bags are made from synthetic materials which make the bag seem more realistic.
  • Maize / Slip Bags – These bags are are not meant to be punched like other bags. There are made primarily for boxers to improve their head movement so that when they get into the ring, they can defend themselves.

Now that you know what types of punching bags there are, which bag are you going to purchase? There are many choices and not any one of them is going to fill each purpose. The more you have, the better off you are.

This question gets asked time and time again. A lot of individuals like to compare boxing to fighting and it is in some senses, but in reality it’s far from it. Stepping into a gym every day of your life and training is a completely different feeling than getting into one fist fight. You work yourself day in and day out for that one big day. Boxing takes not only a incredible amount of physical strength, but also the right mentality. I believe boxing is more mental than physical. From what I’ve seen, training can make or break aspiring boxers.

Chicago Golden Gloves Amateur Boxing Tournament

If you can’t dedicate your time training in the gym, you’re never going to be successful as a boxer. There are a lot of factors, but the following are a few things you should be able to do before you even consider taking it to the next level in your boxing career.

  1. Run 3-5 miles every single day without tiring easily
  2. Hit your punching bag nonstop for 15 minutes
  3. Jump your jumping rope for 30 minutes without stopping
  4. Last at least 3 rounds in the ring sparring with a partner
If you can’t complete all of these cardio intensive tasks, you need to work harder, or reconsider taking it to the next level in your boxing career. Boxing isn’t an overnight thing. You really need to devote your entire life to the sport. Now, once you reach these goals, you don’t want to settle for the bare minimum. Always be pushing yourself to the next level. If running 5 miles a day becomes a breeze, push it to 6 miles. The better your conditioning, the better of a boxer you’ll be.
Conditioning Isn’t Everything
Does conditioning play a huge role in your boxing career? Yes, but it isn’t everything. There’s so much more involved. You need to be working on your fighting skills day in and day out to become a better boxer. There are many methods of improving your fighting fame, and below are just a few.
Heavy Bag Workout – The heavy bag workout is the most common type of workout used by all boxers. It’s a great way to improve your punching, footwork and even endurance!
Speed Bag Workout – Ever wonder why you always see videos of boxers hitting their speed bags? Well, it’s because it works! It’s as simple as that. Try to break your workout up into rounds, mimicking a round in the ring with an opponent.
Sparring – Sparring is the ultimate in fight training. Nothing gets as close to an actual bout in the ring than sparring. You spar with another boxer, just like you were in the ring for a fight, but you tune it down a notch. You’re not in there to knock your opponent out, you’re in there to dial in your skills and become a better fighter. Take sparring very seriously and make sure you work on all of your weak points.
Defense. Defense. Defense.
You could be the best fighter in the world, but if you can’t’ defend yourself from counter punches, you might as well throw in the towel now. In a normal boxing match, your opponent averages 60-150 power punches PER ROUND. It only takes ONE of those punches to put you on the canvas. This is why sparring is such an important aspect of training. Always pay attention, keep your hands up, cover your face and protect yourself.

Still Think You Have What It Takes? 
Now that you know what’s really involved in becoming an amateur boxer, do you still think you’re ready to take it to the next level? If so, that’s great news! If not, you need to get yourself into the gym and put in the training hours that are required for you to take yourself to that next level.

Choosing a punching bag seems like a very difficult task, but it really doesn’t need to be. You need to ask yourself a couple questions. What type of room are you putting your punching bag in? Can you hang it on the ceiling? If not, can you fit a heavy bag stand in the room? If the answer is no to all of these, your best bet is to get a standing punching bag.

This isn’t the end-all-be-all. There’s much more to choosing a punching bag than meets the eye. I’m going to go over all of this below…

Punch Bags

Punching Bag Weight

Always remember one thing, the heavier the bag, the less it is going to sway. That’s not to say that you don’t want a heavy bag that sways, because sway in a punching bag is a very good thing. However, it also means that you don’t want to buy a 50 pound heavy bag when you’re a 200 pound adult man. The sway in your punching bag is used to work on your footwork. You always want to make sure you’re constantly moving around (as if you were in the ring) when working out with your heavy bag.

The average adult male who has a pretty solid punch should be looking for a 60 – 70 pound heavy bag. This will leave room for a little bit of sway, but also stay in place enough for you to actually be able to work the bag.

What Style of Punching Bag?

Bounce Back – Bounce back punching bags are great standing bags that are perfect for kicking and punching. These bags are meant to spring back into place allowing you to come back right away with more hits.

Heavy Bag – The heavy punching bag is the ultimate in punching bags. In my opinion, there’s nothing else that even remotely compares to it. It’s the perfect tool that should be in every boxers arsenal. It serves a great all around purpose and will really improve your boxing game.

BOB Punching Bag – The BOB punching bag mimics a male from the torso up. This gives you the visual look and feel of facing an actual individual. If you have the money, it’s great to purchase both punching bags. There’s also a youth BOB punching bag.


There you have it! There’s a list of punching bags that can be purchased to train with. If it were me, my first choice would be the traditional leather heavy bag. I recommend an Everlast punching bag. They’re built to an extremely high-quality and have been a leader in the boxing industry for many years. Of course, for good reason. Good luck in your career!!!


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